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Volunteer hours



6 sites per month, 3 volunteers avg.               2 hrs per rescue                       432 hrs per year

Volunteer Squad hours

  • 2 hours per week per volunteer over 9 months of the year

    • Based on volunteer nights

                                                                                                820 hrs per year

  • Board members

    • 24 hours per month

      • 4 hours per board member (likely more)                    288 hrs per year

  • Volunteer- individual contractor (Partnered Steward?)

    • 20 hours per month,                                                               240 hours per year

      • For example, Jared creating the new NPRS Logo

  • Internship

    • 30 hours per month thus far                                                    90 hrs per year

                                                                        Total Volunteer hours 1,870


Number of Volunteers

  • Rescue 18 per month                                                  216 people per year

  • Volunteer Squad, about 10 per week              410 people per year

  • “Irregular” volunteers, about 5 per month                  60 people per year

    • I.E. people dropping off pots on Gerry’s porch, people donating plants, people contacting with rescue site information, etc.

  • Board Members, 6                                                      6 people per year

                                                                        Total number of volunteers 692




Rescues plants

  • Acres, 40 per month

  • Sites, >10 per month

  • Number of plants, 100 per week minimum

Total rescued plants per year 5,100 per year


  • Rescues, 1 1/2  rescues per week

    • As many as 5-6 per month                 Total 72 per year


Gardens-  Partnered Stewards

  • Residential NPRS Landscaping/Restoration (Joy)(3 per month)                   36 per year

  • 8 people per week, plants for gardens, no plants for 3 months in winter      328 per year

    • Public Organizations garden  restoration,                                          24 per year

                        Total gardens serviced with NPRS plants, 388

Organizations # of collaborating organizations

  • Possibility of listing them 

    • Place on website to update organizations that have partnered with NPRS monthly

Donating Plants

  • 100 plants donated per month

                                                                                    Plants donated yearly 1200


Educational Events- # of new partnered stewards (?)

60 educational events per year

  • Tabling, garden clubs, schools, festivals

Different programs currently involved with

  • Such as restoration projects which would require their own metrics potentially (acreage, plants restored, etc.)

    • For example, 4th Ave Restoration and Land Stewardship Initiative

  • Roughly involved with 5-10 per year

    • Schools

    • Certified lawns

    • Public buildings

                                                            NPRS Programs 7


  • 2-4 new restoration projects per week for Joy and Gerry each

    • # of acres restored roughly 4 each 

    • Which are private vs. public? How to best quantify?

Potential ways to showcase these metrics on the website:


Specifically rescues: utilize a cascading effect

This year Native Plant Rescue Squad has participated in X # of Rescues,

this means….

         X # of sites

         X # of acres

                  ...for a total of X # of plants saved this last year! 


Considerations for front page of website: 

  • Total plants rescued

  • Number of Species

  • Avg. number of plants in stock?

  • Avg. number of plants restored per year


Potentially include silly metrics like: Amount of times “That’s really cool!” has been said to us, 100 million 

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