Board of Directors


Gerry Moll, Native Plant Rescue Squad co-founder, artist, eco-activist, and long-time gardener, farmer, and wilderness explorer.

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Joy Grissom, Native Plant Rescue Squad co-founder, is a Tennessee native with a background in public health advocacy and community education. She is dedicated to the health of the environment and how human engagement and our connection with wildlife is an integral component of our well being. 

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Sandra Korbelik (President), a retired city planner, has gardened all her life ranging from Florida to Canada and from Oregon to South Carolina.  She was a Master Gardener for 17 yrs in South Carolina, and recently earned a Landscape Certificate from UTK extension.  Sandra is especially interested in the cultural relationship between plants and people and how, in general, the natural and built environment influences behavior.

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Natalie Landry (vice-president) has been involved in environmental work for the past 20 years. Her focus is freshwater ecosystems and watershed management. 

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Connie Schwarz (Secretary) is a lifelong student of the natural world. She enjoys sharing her love of plant medicines, focusing on healing through gratitude, reciprocity,  and community. 

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Ana Blagojevic loves the outdoors and has enjoyed volunteering with NPRS as a way to learn more about the local ecology since moving to Tennessee from Maine 5 years ago. She brings a passion for educational program development to the organization.

Lynne Davis is a Naturalist, conservationist, gardener, aviator, singer, gatherer and sharer of information and has been a volunteer educator with Native Plant Rescue squad since 2016